4 Weeks ago, it seemed like the Eagles already had the 1st seed locked up.

But after 3 straight losses, everything came crashing down to Earth.

The Eagles spent 2 weeks as the 5th seed following the losses to the Cowboys and Seahawks. Even when given opportunities to overtake the standings (like a Cowboys blowout loss to the Bills). A 92-yard Drew Lock led drive had different ideas for the hopeful Eagles.

Now, following Week 16’s games. The Eagles find themselves back above the Cowboys with minimal breathing room. A win is a win this late in the season, and with how close the NFC standings are becoming. The last 2 weeks of the season could impact all 7 seeds.

NFC Standings

1.San Francisco 49ers11-4
2.Philadelphia Eagles11-4
3.Detroit Lions11-4
4.Tampa Bay Buccaneers8-7
5.Dallas Cowboys10-5
6.Los Angeles Rams8-7
7.Seattle Seahawks8-7
8.Minnesota Vikings7-8
9.Atlanta Falcons7-8
10.Green Bay Packers7-8
11.New Orleans Saints7-8

NFC South

Week 17 matchups

Buccaneers @ Saints
Falcons @ Bears


The Buccaneers are a win away from clinching the NFC South as well as the 4th seed. With a win over the Saints, Tampa will eliminate their division rival from the playoffs altogether. While a window still kind of exists for the Falcons.

On the other hand, if the Saints manage to end Week 17 with a win. The NFC South could come down to tie breakers as the Buccaneers, Falcons and Saints could find themselves all at 8-8 heading into the final week of the regular season.

It might seem impossible. But Arthur Smith’s Atlanta Falcons could still make the playoffs. It asks for a very unlikely outcome of 8 games across the next 2 weeks. But if the Falcons wanted to make their way in as the 6 or 7 seed (which would mean a likely visit to Lincoln Financial Field), they’d need the following to happen:

Week 17
Falcons, Giants, Buccaneers, Steeler AND Packer wins

Week 18
Falcons, Bears, Cardinals AND 49ers wins

It’s a very tall order, but would you rather see the Seahawks again in January? Or would you take your luck against Bijan Robinson and Desmond Ridder?


NFC West

Week 17 matchups

49ers @ Commanders
Rams @ Giants
Steelers @ Seahawks

The 49ers have already locked up the NFC West title. But at this rate the NFCs coveted one seed might come down to the wire. Even with a win against the Commanders, the 49ers would still need a loss from both Philadelphia and Detroit in week 17. Is there a possibility Ron Rivera wants to go out with a bang this season? Because beating the 49ers and Cowboys would be a fantastic end to year. Plenty of injuries piled up against the Ravens. With a laundry list of Questinables for Week 17, the 49ers might limp their way into the playoffs.


The Rams team from week 5 looks nothing like the team that’s gone 5-1 in the last 6 weeks. Same goes for the Eagles in that time frame. While it’s most likely the Rams will get the 6th seed with a win over the Giants on Sunday, they still need a little help with a Seattle loss. Of course, the Rams could always beat the 49ers in Week 18 allowing the Lions or Eagles to reach the 1st seed (If either team wins out)

There’s no guarantee the Eagles can avoid the Rams in the playoffs, but that’s not a rematch I’m looking forward to if it happens.

Everyone wants to see Stafford return to Detroit for the wildcard round. Let’s see one of them in the Divisional round.


If the playoffs started tomorrow (they don’t) the Eagles would be hosting the Seattle Seahawks for the first time since the 2019 Wildcard game. They’ve already lost to Drew Lock and most of the Seahawks secondary missing the game. Would the Eagles break their 15 winless years against the Seahawks in a playoff rematch 4 weeks later?

Luckily, the Seahawks need a tie between the Vikings-Packers game if they beat the Steelers to clinch a playoff spot. If these 2 NFC West teams win out, they’d secure both the 6 & 7 seed and most likely play the Eagles during Wildcard weekend.


Which NFC West team would you rather see in the playoffs? One the Eagles have already beat? Or one the Eagles have already lost to?


NFC North

Week 17 matchups

Lions @ Cowboys
Falcons @ Bears
Packers @ Vikings


The Bears aren’t 100% eliminated from the playoffs, yet. But with any combination of a Seahawks/Rams/Vikings/Packers win, or a loss to the Falcons will eliminate them. Sorry Chicago.

The Lions have a chance to help the Eagles out in the division standings. If the Lions can find a way to make the Cowboys drop their 3rd straight game. The Eagles will clinch the NFC East with a win over the Cardinals. Otherwise, a Lions loss means the Eagles come closer to clinching either the 1st or 2nd seed come Week 18. Either outcome is beneficial. Since the Lions have already clinched the NFC North, it’s just a matter of how seeding will play out.

Minnesota and Green Bay are in a win out or get eliminated scenario. NFL scheduling is about to put a wrench in one of these teams season with their Week 17 divisional matchup. The Eagles already beat the Vikings while Kirk Cousins was under center. If Minnesota manages to make their way into the playoffs, they might be a one and done 7 seed. While neither of these teams can clinch a spot this week. The loser of this match will find themselves watching the playoffs from home.

NFC East

Week 17 matchups

Lions @ Cowboys
Eagles Vs Cardinals
Giants @ Rams
Commanders Vs 49ers

The Giants and Commanders have already been eliminated from the playoffs.

Washington could pull off a miracle with Jacoby Brissett’s first start. He’s almost led two 4th quarter comebacks in their last two games. If he wanted to win his start against the current NFC 1st seed. Both the Eagles and Lions would be appreciative. But they’d have to win their own games first.

The Cowboys are 7-0 at home. While it looks like they might have to travel during the playoffs. They’ve got 2 more games to win if they want to prevent Philadelphia from being back to back division champs for the first time since 2004. It seems unlikely that the Cowboys will lose this game, but people said that about the Eagles losing their 3rd straight game to the Seahawks. The most beneficial outcome of the game at JerryWorld will be a Lions loss. The Eagles just need to win against the Cardinals if they want to benefit the most from that outcome.

It’s the game we’ve all been waiting for! Jonathan Gannon’s return to Lincoln Financial Field.

The Eagles have already locked up a playoff spot. Still battling for home field advantage (and a potential bye week), the season isn’t over yet. Even with a 20-3 lead at halftime the Giants found a way to stay in the game with 2 comical turnovers in the 3rd quarter. Between Boston Scott’s Kick Return fumble and Goedert slipping for an Adoree Jackson Pick 6, the Eagles once again needed the defense to end a 1-score game. If it wasn’t for Darren Waller killing extra seconds off the clock. The Eagles might have been in for another disaster of an ending.

They’ll need to win 2 more games if they want to compete with Detroit and San Francisco for the 1st seed they’ve slowly watched slip away. But if the Eagles are committed to the playoffs AND the rest of the season. Then the return of Avonte Maddox, Nicholas Morrow and Zach Cunningham might be the help they need to close out the year. The Cardinals have won 2 games since Kyler Murray’s return. Hopefully they plan on playing spoiler to the Seahawks playoff hopes in Week 18, and not Philadelphia’s dreams of a bye week on Sunday.




What are your score predictions for Sunday? Which team would you like to see in the playoffs first?


Go Birds





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