After the Sixers back to back losses on consecutive nights against the Knicks first and then by the Jazz it’s very apparent the team is missing another piece. 


While the tandem of Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey has been great when both are on the floor together, it’s the times when they aren’t able to be on the court at the same time that might cause some issues come playoff time. 

It was pretty ironic that the player that perhaps made the most sense for the team over the last couple of weeks, OG Anunoby, was on the floor during the Knicks 36 point blowout win over the Sixers.

The situation the team is in currently is very unique. On one hand, they have a very clear path to win now, no team in the NBA is unbeatable or a shoo-in for the Finals so it makes sense to go all-in for a trade at the deadline on February 8th. The Sixers have the draft capital to make a major deal and by the end of the year will have the cap space to re-sign the player they trade for.

On the other hand, they have a budding star in Maxey and they need to be cautious that the player they bring in does not take the ball out of Maxey’s hands. 

The Sixers have disappointed in more years than we can count and have constantly made the wrong moves yet somehow they have still found themselves in a position that if they can finally pull off the right move, they may be able to squeeze a championship out of this team after all. 

The Sixers have a month to decide what they’re going to do as far as roster construction goes. There are big names on the market, but whether or not Daryl Morey will pull the trigger remains to be seen. 

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