We’re only a few days away from Wildcard Weekend, and the Eagles will be up off for Tampa in another 1st round matchup.

Previous History

Monday will be the 4th time in 3 years that a Sirianni and Hurts led Eagles team will face the Buccaneers.

Week 6 2021: Buccaneers 28 @ Eagles 22
Wildcard 2021: Eagles 15 @ Buccaneers 30
Week 3 2023: Eagles 25 @ Buccaneers 11

Both of the losses in 2021 Tom Brady was the QB in red.

2023’s win came against Baker Mayfield, who missed practice on Wednesday and was Limited on Thursday.



Week 3, Monday Night Football

The first time these teams met this season is one of the few times the Eagles defense managed to look capable of getting a stop.

Against the Buccaneers, the defense gave up 133 passing yards and 41 rushing yards. With 2 turnovers and a safety scored.

Looking back on the season. This game is the lowest number of 1st downs(tied with Dolphins), passing yards and totals yards given up. While also being the 2nd lowest in rushing yards (Vikings 28).

Was it still early season struggles? Every team has those! (Except the Eagles struggle continued for 18 weeks.)

Not only was Week 3 an impressive outing for the defense. It was also the 2nd and last time the Eagles put up 200+ rushing yards. Hitting 201 on the day while D’Andre Swift hit his 2nd highest rush yard total with 130. Both the Eagles(259) and Swift’s( 175) highest rushing yard games came against the Vikings the week prior.

It looks like it’s going to rain (again) on Monday. Perhaps we should bring back the Run The Ball sign outside Novacare?


Eagles Injury Report


If you thought losing to the Giants 27-10 was bad enough.

Injuring your WR1, QB1, and multiple Safeties in a struggling secondary was the cherry on top of Sunday’s disaster.

The good news is the return of CB1 Darius Slay and WR2 DeVonta Smith. After fearing the worst when Smith was seen with crutches following the loss to Arizona. The return of WR2 will be important if the Eagles might have to limit, or potentially be without A.J. Brown in their do or die Wildcard game. While no one on the Eagles injury report currently have a game designation yet, all we can do is speculate who may actually play.



With Baker Mayfield and Jalen Hurts currently as DNP with a playoff game in less than 4 days. We’re that much closer to a wildcard playoff game that could be Kyle Trask against Marcus Mariota.


Are you convinced the Eagles season will be over Monday? After finishing the season 11-6 after a 10-1 start?

Or do you think a fresh 0-0 record in the post-season will suddenly fix all their woes? (including Jalen’s finger)


We’ll find out soon.


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