The NBA trade deadline is fast approaching and according to reports the Sixers will be very active. They’ve been linked to many players, two of which are all-star guards Zach Lavine and Dejounte Murray, whom they don’t intend to pursue. So, which player best fills the team’s current holes? Let’s take a look at the options:

High Profile Targets

Alex Caurso

Undoubtedly the most ideal option for the Sixers left on the market. He brings a good scoring option with that gritty wing defense that the team needs. But if the Bulls are willing to let go of him, Caruso needs to be the first player Morey calls about. 

Bogdan Bogdanović

Fans will remember that Bogdanović is an aggressive player on both sides of the floor. He’s shooting 41% from three and can guard multiple positions on the perimeter. Bogdanović would fit excellently in the rotation as a bench scorer and extra ball handler. 

Lauri Markkanen

If the Jazz are putting him on the table, Markkanen is another perfect piece to fit between Embiid and Maxey. He’s recently emerged as an elite offensive talent making his much improved scoring a target for any contending team. However, Tobias Harris’ recent success may steer Morey away from attempting a new fit at the forward. 

Bojan Bogdanović

Another veteran sharpshooter, Bogdanović would be a great addition to the Sixers bench. His skill set is intriguing as he can still really shoot the ball. However, the price tag may be high for him as the Pistons are looking for a lot to help them rebuild their future. 

Jordan Clarkson

Clarkson has become one of the most efficient and best bench scorers in the league. He would provide the reliable ball-handler and consistent scorer that the Sixers’ bench is lacking. Like Markkanen, the Jazz may not be willing to move him yet but he would still be a nice fit for the rotation. 

Sleeper Trade Targets 

Gary Trent Jr.

Quietly one of the most consistent three-point shooters in the league, Trent Jr. would fit very well as a scorer off the bench. He provides a lot of offensive energy while also playing aggressive defense. Having coached him, Nurse would know how to use Trent Jr. to open up the offense. 

Dorian Finney Smith

Finney-Smith is a lengthy, strong defender who can shoot at a consistent volume. His contributions to both ends of the floor would add depth as a consistent player to count on. If the Nets are sellers at the deadline, Finney-Smith could be that bench spark the team needs for a cheap price. 

Bruce Brown

Brown’s defense was a big contributor to the Nuggets championship run in 2023. He would fill the backup ball-handler role the bench needs while also adding more scoring. The Sixers don’t seem interested in trading for him right now, but there’s no doubt he would be a big help to the team’s success. 

Malcolm Brogdan

Brogdan’s veteran presence would provide the team with another consistent scorer and gritty defender. He versatile skill fits the philosophy of this team well. However, his injury history is something the Sixers need to be weary of if they are going to pursue him. 

Buddy Hield

Hield is someone fans have had on their list for years. As one of the best three-point shooters in the league, he adds depth as a consistent perimeter scorer. Hield is a great option to pair with Embiid in a two-man game to space the floor.

The Sixers are in the market for a consistent scorer off the bench who can handle the ball and is a good wing defender. Regardless, hopefully Morey makes one all-in move to help them compete with the Celtics and ultimately win a championship.

Photo: Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

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