Making History

Wow. Just wow.

Embiid is the greatest athlete in his sport, the greatest athlete currently in Philly, and the greatest athlete the Sixers may have ever seen. Whenever you put yourself on a list that even the great Wilt Chamberlain isn’t on, you know you did something right. Last night, Embiid became the only player besides Michael Jordan to record at least 65 points, 15 rebounds, and 5 assists. Embiid even one-upped Jordan with that by scoring 70 with 18 rebounds and 5 assists. There might never be a better game by a Sixer.

When thinking about the best seasons in Philly sports history, a few come to mind (in no particular order):

  • Reggie White 1987
  • Roy Halladay 2010
  • Ryan Howard 2006
  • Allen Iverson 2001
  • Carson Wentz 2017
  • Terrell Owens 2004

Obviously he needs to keep this up for the whole season (and probably make it past the second round of the playoffs), but this season will easily make its way onto this list.

Embiid does what Embiid does

Once again, Embiid came out firing in the first quarter, putting up 24 points. Sometimes, he slows down after that and lets the rest of the team get involved, but that did not happen. Embiid continued to dominate the whole entire game. He went on to match his career high of 59 points before the 4th quarter!

Everybody in the arena knew what could happen if Embiid checked back into the game in the fourth quarter: history. We all hoped the rest of the team would keep the game close so they would have no choice but to put him back in the game. Luckily, Maxey and company were not able to pull away from the Spurs.

Embiid Gave the Fans What They Wanted

The Spurs knew Embiid would get the ball, but their efforts to stop Embiid were in vain. Shot after shot kept falling for him as he inched close and closer to the franchise record in points. Embiid claimed he didn’t want his team to force him the ball, but the team knew what to do. On the one possession where Danuel House took a shot, the crowd erupted in boos because they wanted to see Embiid become just the 9th player in NBA history to hit 70 points, and become that player he did. The crowd got what they hoped for.

Embiid is just a record breaking machine and the greatest Sixer ever. Wilt Chamberlain still hold the Sixers record for the most ppg in the span of the month at 41.7 (I know, insane right?), but Embiid holds second and third place with January 2024 (this month) and December 2024 (last month). Not even Wilt Chamberlain has had such a prolonged stretch of dominance in franchise history.

Can We Just Enjoy it Please?

Everybody who loves Embiid knows at least a few haters that linger. Everyone has probably heard the “will he do it in the postseason” at least a dozen times already today. It is a valid question, but we should enjoy these generational games when they come around. There is a good chance some of us never see a better game from a Sixer ever again. It’s almost as if people are mad at him for scoring 70 points. Embiid is a player with absolutely zero drama throughout his career even though he has been surrounded by nothing but drama for so many years. Let’s appreciate the greatness we get to witness and worry about the playoffs in a few months when we get there.

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