Jalen Hurts’ journey with the Philadelphia Eagles has been incredible.
His arrival has not just rejuvenated the team but has redefined their approach to the game, setting new standards in the National Football League (NFL).

This article delves into the Eagles’ performance since Hurts joined their roster, highlighting his impact on the team’s dynamics, his record-breaking feats, and how his presence has steered the Eagles toward becoming a championship-caliber team.

The Dawn of a New Era

Hurts’ entry into the Eagles in 2020 marked the beginning of a new chapter. Initially, the numbers might not have been staggering – a completion percentage of 52.0%, 1,061 yards, and six touchdowns in his first season, where he started four games. However, these statistics barely scratch the surface of the transformative energy he brought to the team. In his rookie season, the raw talent was evident, but more importantly, it was his leadership and poise under pressure that stood out.

A Rising Trajectory

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The progression in Hurts’ performance is a classic example of an athlete evolving through hard work and perseverance. By his second season, his completion rate rose to 61.3%, passing for 3,144 yards and 16 touchdowns as he became a full-time starter. He helped take the Eagles to the playoffs, where they lost to Tom Brady and the Buccaneers.

The following seasons saw further improvement – his completion percentage reaching 66.5% in 2022 with 3,701 yards and 22 touchdowns and 65.4% in 2023 with 3,858 yards. These numbers represent not just individual brilliance but also increasing synchronicity with his team.

Rushing into History

Hurts’ rushing abilities have been nothing short of remarkable. He has consistently showcased his dual-threat capability, becoming a nightmare for opposing defenses. From 2020 to 2023, he has rushed for 2,503 yards and scored 41 touchdowns, a significant contribution for a quarterback. His 42-yard longest run is a testament to his agility and speed, making him one of the most versatile quarterbacks in the league.

Postseason Brilliance

Hurts’ impact is not confined to the regular season; his postseason performances have been equally impressive. His most notable performance was in 2022, when he blew the Super Bowl predictions out of the water by helping take the Eagles to the Super Bowl.Hurts has thrown for 1,087 yards in five postseason games, throwing for five touchdowns while also contributing to 187 yards and five scores on the ground. Hurts went 25-for-35 for 250 yards and a touchdown in the Wild Card loss to the Buccaneers this past year despite not having his top weapon, A.J. Brown.

The Eagles’ Transformation

The Eagles’ transformation with Hurts at the helm is evident. The team has developed a more dynamic, versatile, and aggressive style of play. His leadership has fostered a culture of resilience and determination within the team. The Eagles are no longer just competitors; they are legitimate annual contenders for the championship. This assertion is not just a fan’s hopeful speculation; it is reflected in the Super Bowl betting odds, which have seen a notable shift in favor of the Eagles since Hurts took over as quarterback back in 2020. The Eagles, with Hurts at the forefront, are not just battling for greatness; they are redefining it, one game at a time.

Elevating Team Morale and Fan Engagement

Hurts’ influence extends beyond the field; his presence has rejuvenated the team spirit and re-energized the Eagles’ fan base. His commitment and approachable demeanor have endeared him to fans and teammates alike. He doesn’t just play for personal records; he plays for the team and the city, creating a palpable sense of unity. The way he interacts with fans, mentors younger players, and represents the Eagles off the field exemplifies his role as not just a player but a leader and a community icon. This emotional connection and mutual respect between Hurts, the team, and the fans have been pivotal in fostering a supportive and enthusiastic atmosphere around the Eagles.


Jalen Hurts’ journey with the Philadelphia Eagles is a narrative of growth, determination, and excellence. His arrival has catalyzed a significant shift in the team’s performance, making them a formidable force in the NFL.His stats speak volumes about his abilities, but it’s his intangibles – leadership, work ethic, and the ability to inspire his team – that truly define his impact.

The Eagles, with Hurts at the forefront, are not just battling for greatness; they are redefining it, one game at a time.

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