This just in, Philadelphia fans: the Eagles will kick off the season under the Friday Night Lights of … São Paulo, Brazil!

Roger Goodell announced the news of Philadelphia’s Week 1 game in Brazil on Monday evening. The news comes with excitement and a healthy dose of Philadelphia skepticism, as it does ultimately strip the Eagles of a home game. As the officially recognized “Home” team in the Southern hemisphere, the team will play one less game at the Linc.

This game will be the first in NFL history to take place in South America — truly a groundbreaking moment for the sport. Mexico City Philadelphia Eagles on X: "Sunny day with a little drip. #PHIvsDET | #FlyEaglesFly" / X

The Eagles’ opponent is yet to be named, with potential opponents being the Cowboys, Giants, Commanders, Browns, Falcons, Jaguars, Steelers, Packers, and Panthers. Notably, the Miami Dolphins have a marketing and expansion deal with the country of Brazil, but will not face the Eagles in this game. Philadelphia’s marketing and expansion partnership is with Australia.

The birds have not thrived when passports get involved, carrying with them a meek record of 2-3 in the following games:

1978, Mexico City: New Orleans Saints 14, Philadelphia Eagles 7

1989, London: Philadelphia Eagles 17, Cleveland Browns 13

1991, London: Buffalo Bills 17, Philadelphia Eagles 13

1993, Tokyo: New Orleans Saints 28, Philadelphia Eagles 16

2018, London: Philadelphia Eagles 24, Jacksonville Jaguars 18

As the Eagles head into 2024, they carry more questions than answers — yet despite being named the hosts in their season opener, the birds will migrate to Brazil to take on their first foe.

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