Last season, the Eagles were the buzz of the league with their surprising 14-3 record. The 1st seed in the NFC was on its way to the Super Bowl in Arizona. Their players and coaches lined the finalists for most of the categories.

Only for none of them to win.
To make matters worse. They didn’t win the Super Bowl later that week either.

During last years awards, the Eagles had the following players received votes for for:
– Jalen Hurts, OPOY & MVP
– Haason Reddick, DPOY
– Nick Sirianni, COY
– Shane Steichen, ACOY

You can view a breakdown of the snubs and award losses from last year here.


2023’s Hope For Individual Awards

Once again, the Eagles saw themselves the talk of the NFL for the first 11 weeks of the season. But putting on a show in October and November doesn’t get you very far when you manage to go 1-6 in the final 7 weeks of your season.

Maybe if the Eagles managed to keep their season afloat, some recognition might’ve been acknowledged come award season. Instead, the Eagles only saw one player nominated for an award at by the end of the year.

While Jalen Hurts was in MVP talks after his overtime victory against the Bills. 6 Losses to end the year regardless of a defensive collapse or a stale offense by design, will minimize any hype you might’ve had during week 11.

The ONE Eagle who was able to receive votes for an award was 9th overall pick DT Jalen Carter. Projected to be a frontrunner for the award the ENTIRE season. Here’s how Defensive Rookie Of The Year was broken up.

Player1st Place2nd Place3rd PlaceTotal
Will Anderson Jr.16218151
Jalen Carter141410122
Kobie Turner146795
Devon Witherspoon471657
Joey Porter Jr.1016


Here’s how the top 3 finalists did during their 2023 rookie season.

Will Anderson Jr.
15 Games Played, 7 Sacks, 45 Combined Tackles, 10 TFL, 22 QB Hits

Jalen Carter
16 Games Played, 6 Sacks, 33 Combined Tackles, 8 TFL, 9 QB Hits, 2 Forced Fumbles, 1TD

Kobie Turner
17 Games Played, 9 Sacks, 57 Combined Tackles, 8 TFL, 16 QB Hits


With nobody on the Eagles defense making significant impacts in the final weeks of the year. Perhaps the Defensive Coordinator change was truly the end to the Eagles season.


Did you agree with the rest of the award results? 





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