Philly Is On the Move Internationally. The World Better Pay Attention.

Seriously? What in the world is going on? (no pun intended)

It’s been a busy week in Philly (as usual.)

Entertainment (and entertainment fueling tourism) have always been a huge economic driver for Philadelphia. This week, it was announced that Lincoln Financial Field will play host to six FIFA World Cup Games in two yeara, with an projected revenue around $500 million and $262 Million in direct spending all benefitting the City of Philadelphia.

I’ve got a great way to get the Eagles back on track from their 2023 post-apocalyptic collapse that left them 1–6 in the final weeks.

Photo Courtesy of Coliseum Summit News.

How about an all-expense paid September getaway to Brazil?

As we prepare to welcome the World Cup teams to Philadelphia in 2026, we are all set to ship our Eagles to Sao Palo Brazil in the first ever NFL game in over 50 years and the first ever in South America.

While our Eagles are circumnavigating the globe, let’s review some of the reasons for them to be going international.

In last year’s Super Bowl, FOX featured a segment about international interest in the big game and showed an Eagles Watch Party assembled in Accu, Ghana sponsored by GATE Africa. In 2022, the Eagles were the first team to expand outreach to Ghana.

As the NFL contemplates expansion into one of these foreign markets with, more teams playing on foreign soil, several other teams have secured international rights overseas themselves. The Dolphins and Bears have rights secured in Spain. The Dolphins also have rights secured in Brazil in addition to the Eagles. The Steelers have recently secured the same type of rights in Ireland.

Photo Courtesy of Wiki Commons.

Philadelphia is the 19th NFL franchise to secure international rights through the Global Market Program, and also have the same rights secured in both New Zealand and Australia.

Philadelphia carries a 34.1% international fanbase according to, one of the highest in the whole NFL. In 2022, they were the first NFL team introduced into the African market. In May of 2022, both Australia and New Zealand were targeted for marketing and fan experience materials.

Even with an early season Kelly Green merchandise mishap, once again this season the sale of Eagles merchandise went through the roof. According to The Inquirer, sold north of 4 million units of Eagles apparel last season and amid sky-high numbers this season the Eagles even trademarked the “Kelly Green” phrase.

The Philadelphia Eagles are one of the NFL’s most popular franchises, no matter how the season ended in 2024. The Eagles home of Lincoln Financial Field draws hundreds of thousands of fans each year, rivaled only by their away attendance which fills destination stadiums with midnight and kelly green. This year, throwback Kelly Green Eagles merchandise poured in revenue as well for the franchise.

In 2025, Division 1 wrestling championships will be hosted at the Wells Fargo Center. Wrestlemania 40 will be hosted in Philadelphia in 2024. And Philadelphia will welcome the MLB All-Star Game in 2026 as well as the World Cup announcement.

So while our Eagles are making preparations for a stay in Brazil, Philadelphia’s reach goes far beyond Brazil. 

Both in football and for other sports.

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