Have you ever wondered what professional soccer players do after a match?

As fans, we simply turn off the TV or leave the stadium, but for professional players, there is a lot more that needs to be done following a match.

Of course, every team is different, and players will have different routines, but most have a similar routine following a match that they will go through.

This article will take a look at a few of the main activities that most professional soccer players will do after a match, whether they have won or lost.

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Cool Down

After a period of long exercise, it is important to cool down to prevent injury and reduce stiffness. This is why players are often seen out on the pitch after a match, walking or partaking in light jogs.

They will also stretch and sometimes have an ice bath, which can effectively reduce soreness and inflammation.

Eat & Rehydrate

Photo: Connor Coyne/Unsplash 

Playing a soccer match can use up a tremendous amount of energy. This is why a post-match meal, which will usually consist of carb and protein-heavy foods, is one of the most important steps after a match. Players will also replenish lost fluids with water or sports drinks.


Teams will always briefly review the match afterward, but the main analysis will happen in the days to come back to the training ground. It is likely that the manager will give their overview, and the team will be able to share their immediate thoughts. 

Individual Recovery

Some players may then require individual recovery techniques, particularly if they have an injury. Every team will have medical staff to help players with any physical and mental challenges they are struggling with after a match. 


Players will then be encouraged to rest, whether this is at home or in the hotel if playing an away fixture. Players should be able to put their feet up and engage in activities that will help them reduce stress and forget about the match. Many professional players enjoy playing online casino games during recovery, as these are games that are easy to play, distracting, and good fun.

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Review & Training

Players will often come into training the next day for a full debrief and review of the match. This will allow them to learn and improve as well as connect as a team.

Typically, the focus will then shift to the next match, which will involve preparing tactically, addressing weaknesses, and training. 

This is what a typical post-match routine looks like for a professional soccer player.
Playing soccer professionally is a lot of hard work, and matches come around thick and fast, which means that teams need to do everything they can to get their players recovered and prepared for the next match. 

Photo: Connor Coyne/Unsplash 

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