Ok, ok. This might sound just a little harsh.

After all, Jeffrey Lurie does have a shiny 2018 Lombardi Trophy in his Novacare Complex Castle from a year when the Eagles did the improbable.

It’s been thirty years since the Eagles were purchased by Mr. Lurie in Spring of 1994.

Here’s why his promise of greatness made at age 42 has been kept for all these years:

No Time to Lose — It’s been a rare occurrence that Lurie has had to change coaches with the Eagles. When a change has been needed however, he has never hesitated to take action. After the Eagles finished 1994 with a 7–9 record and were slowly regressing after their 1992 NFC Playoff appearance, Rich Kotite was immediately out. Four years later, when Ray Rhodes factory of NFL reboots had gone from initial success to a 3–13 season, Rhodes was out too.

In 2012, when change was needed from the Eagles most successful regime in recent history with Coach Andy Reid, Reid was out. And when he didn’t agree with the direction of the team by Super Bowl winning coach Doug Pederson, the Eagles once again had a coaching vacancy. And finally, when Chip Kelly demanded full control of the Eagles and alienated many at the Novacare Complex, Philadelphia moved on once again in 2015.

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He’s won it all, Duh! — Lurie allowed GM Howie Roseman and Coach Doug Pederson to mold a team in 2017. That team outlasted legendary Tom Brady and Bill Belichick’s offense in the Super Bowl 41–33, demolished the Minnesota Vikings 38–7 in the NFC Championship, and made one big defense stop against Julio Jones and the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC Divisional Round Playoff Game. Julio now plays for the Eagles.

He’s Put Everyone in the Right Positions — Jeffrey Lurie in his 30 years with the Eagles has always strived to put the franchise in position for a championship consistently every year. When the Eagles were the class of the NFC in the mid-2000s, they were there because Lurie had helped to bring in Pro Bowl caliber talent and to hire coaches like Andy Reid.

He’s Been One of the Best Around — Aside from the “Happy Hundred” who were an ownership group that saw the Eagles win championships in 1949 and 1960, Lurie has been almost unmatched. Jerry Wolman owned the team during a period of sustained losing, Norman Braman would never see his Eagles advance deep into the NFC Playoffs, and Leonard Tose who once hired Dick Vermeil tried to sell the team and move it Arizona.

Sure, Lurie hasn’t delivered a parallel, sustained success like that of New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, the owner of the original franchise that he wanted to purchase.

But he has kept the Eagles competitive each season. A competitiveness that has made him one of the best owners in franchise history.

All 90 years of it.

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