Terquavion Smith’s journey from NC State to the Philadelphia 76ers showcases a compelling narrative of determination, skill, and potential impact within the NBA landscape.

As a sophomore, Smith demonstrated significant growth and versatility on the court, making a notable leap in his collegiate career that caught the attention of professional teams despite not being drafted. 

His subsequent signing to a two-way deal with the 76ers marks the beginning of a promising professional career, underscoring the value of perseverance and talent in reaching the NBA.

Early Impressions and Potential

Terquavion Smith’s progression from his days at NC State to his burgeoning career with the Philadelphia 76ers has been nothing short of impressive. During his collegiate tenure, Smith significantly elevated his game, enhancing not just his scoring capabilities but also showcasing a well-rounded skill set encompassing playmaking, rebounding, and defensive abilities. Such comprehensive development underscores Smith’s capability to be more than just a scorer; he emerges as a multifaceted contributor on the basketball court.

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Recognizing the potential that Smith brings, the Philadelphia 76ers provided him with an opportunity to further hone his skills. Smith’s performances, particularly in the NBA Summer League and subsequent preseason games, have highlighted his exceptional talent in scoring and creating shots. This aptitude aligns perfectly with the 76ers’ needs, especially in light of uncertainties surrounding the team’s roster and the future roles of key players.

A standout moment in Smith’s early NBA career came on February 3, 2024, against the Brooklyn Nets, where he scored an impressive 17 points in just 9 minutes of play. The performance placed him second in scoring for the 76ers that night, behind only Tyrese Maxey, who led with 24 points, despite the team’s loss with a score of 121-136. Smith’s remarkable efficiency and ability to make a significant impact in limited minutes caught the attention of fans and bettors alike, signaling his potential as a player to watch. The performance has notably sparked interest among betting enthusiasts, who recognize the spark Smith brings to the court. 

With the anticipation of North Carolina sports betting promos becoming available next month, fans will soon have the opportunity to place their wagers on promising talents like Smith, further engaging with the game and its rising stars.

Style of Play and Fit with the 76ers

Smith’s playing style, characterized by his shooting prowess and ability to create shots, aligns well with the 76ers’ needs. The comparison to players like Bones Hyland highlights Smith’s potential to become a significant contributor to the team, offering a blend of scoring ability and playmaking that could complement the existing core. Moreover, his enthusiastic and passionate approach to the game brings a refreshing energy to the team, reminiscent of the impact players like Tyrese Maxey have had with their vibrant personalities and on-court performances.

Development and Expectations

While immediate expectations for Smith should be tempered given his two-way contract status, his early contributions and involvement in competitive offseason activities suggest a player keen on maximizing his growth opportunities.

Participation in high-level workouts and sessions, such as the Rico Hines runs, not only demonstrates Smith’s commitment to improvement but also indicates recognition from those within the league of his potential and talent.

The 76ers’ investment in Smith, therefore, is not just in what he brings to the court today but in what he could develop into with the right guidance and development program. The team’s focus on nurturing young talent, combined with Smith’s work ethic and skill set, presents an intriguing prospect for both the player and the team moving forward.


Terquavion Smith‘s ascent from NC State to the Philadelphia 76ers embodies the journey of a promising talent eager to make his mark in the NBA. With a skill set that fills a need for the 76ers and a mindset geared towards continuous improvement, Smith represents not just a hidden gem but a potential key piece in the team’s future endeavors.

As he continues to adapt and evolve at the professional level, the anticipation surrounding his impact and contribution to the 76ers will undoubtedly grow, offering fans and the organization alike a glimpse into the promising future that lies ahead.

His performance in the NBA Summer League and engagement in off-season development activities have already begun to turn heads, suggesting that Smith’s journey in the NBA is one to watch closely.

The 76ers’ strategic approach to talent development, coupled with Smith’s innate abilities and work ethic, sets the stage for an exciting chapter in the young guard’s career​​​.

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