In a delightful nod to the Philadelphia Eagles’ iconic Super Bowl LII victory and Jason Kelce’s memorable celebration, FOCO has announced the release of a unique collectible that is set to captivate fans and collectors alike, the Jason Kelce Mummer Suit Mini Bighead.

This highly detailed piece pays homage to Kelce’s unforgettable mummer suit attire, which he donned following the Eagles’ triumphant Super Bowl win, marking a moment forever etched in the hearts of fans.

Unlike standard bobbleheads, the Mini Bighead series elevates the craft with an even larger head, allowing for an unprecedented level of detail that captures the essence and charisma of the subjects they represent.

Photo: FOCO

This mini version, while scaled down, loses none of the intricate details FOCO is renowned for. Priced at an accessible $35, the Jason Kelce Mummer Suit Mini Bighead stands close to 5 inches tall, making it a prominent yet compact addition to any display. In an exciting twist for collectors, each piece will be numbered out of a limited quantity, yet to be determined, adding to its exclusivity and potential as a collectible item.

The design features Kelce in an action pose, gripping a football, and adorned in the vibrant mummer suit that became symbolic of the Eagles’ Super Bowl LII victory. The attention to detail extends to the thematic mummer’s base, which displays Kelce’s name at the forefront, celebrating his contribution to the team’s success and his connection with the city’s culture and traditions. FOCO’s decision to commemorate one of Jason Kelce’s most iconic moments comes at a time when Philadelphia sports fans eagerly await if the Eagles superstar will be back for another season with the team. In addition to the Jason Kelce Mummer Suit Mini Bighead, FOCO also launched 18-in and 36-in versions of the Mummer bobblehead for the true collectors out there. 

The limited-edition piece Jason Kelce Mummer Suit Mini Bighead stands as a testament to the moments that define Philadelphia sports history and the figures who inspire generations.

With its detailed craftsmanship, limited availability, and rich symbolism, it promises to be a cherished item for years to come, capturing the essence of victory, celebration, and community spirit that defines the Philadelphia Eagles and their dedicated fanbase.
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Photo: FOCO

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