If You Want to Fill Your Digestive Track with Bottomless Hot Dogs at A Phillies Games in 2024, Best to Re-Work the Budget.

Well folks, the hits just keep on coming. 

Our worst fears may have been realized. It seems that a group of high-velocity hot dog slingers have made “dollar dog night” defunct.


This week, the Phillies announced that thanks in part to aluminum-foil wrapped frank-in-buns being thrown into the night sky like Phillies home runs — the Philadelphia tradition of “dollar-dog night” has ended. In its place, fans are welcome to a buy one get one free hot dog extravaganza.

Started in Veterans Stadium in 1997, “dollar dog-night” has been a Philadelphia Phillies tradition for 27 years. And sure, can we say that the occasional MLB player hasn’t been struck by a hot dog over the years, or that an occasional fan hasn’t showered after a game to find relish and mustard between their hair follicles?

Of course we can’t (it’s all part of the experience.)

But the real question here isn’t whether or not opposing players (or some of our own) spend some time after a game at Citizens Bank Park removing aluminum foil from their ear canals.

Oh no.

This is a case simple economics. Or simple inflation. When my grandpop attended a Phillies or Athletics game in early 20th century, a nickel bought you a hot dog and a Coca Cola.

Does $5.00 (even with buy one get one free) sound affordable for an average large family to be able to get dinner at a Phillies game in 2024?

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