Investing In Philadelphia’s Parks May be the Path to Peace in the Streets.

The Parker Administration’s sweeping public appointments continued on Thursday when Susan Slawson became Philadelphia’s new Commissioner of Parks & Recreation.

As Commissioner, Slawson will supervise more than 500 buildings, 166 miles of trails, and 250 playgrounds that fall within Philadelphia Parks and Recreation. She will also be involved in the FDR Park and Benjamin Franklin Parkway renovations.

Photo Courtesy of Wiki Commons.

The FDR Park Plan is a more than $250 million multi-phase plan. The renewed FDR Park will have more trails, meadows, nature, water, and athletic fields for community use.

And Benjamin Franklin Parkway also has a plan for potential civic improvement.

A vital piece of Philadelphia history is the 16th and Susquehanna courts, where NBA and streetball talents put out incredible athletic performances in front of hundreds of fans. Future NBA included players like Wilt Chamberlain and Doug Overton played there.

Photo Courtesy of Wiki Commons.

Philly ranks 6th in outdoor basketball courts according to Courts of the World. With famous outdoor courts such as Lemon Hill and The Front Street Courts (16th and Susquehanna,) which over the years have seen talent like Wilt Chamberlain and Doug Overton play on its concrete surfaces.

In Germantown— Happy Hollow — Philadelphia’s oldest recreation Center dating back to 1911, which pre-dates the construction of The Palestra by a decade, has seen such talent as Lewis Leonard and Jerome Allen, who still make an appearance in the gym.

With Philadelphia’s rich heritage of recreation and leisure locations, it’s a great place to start in the process of persuading our youth to avoid violence.

And we need to start somewhere.

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