Philly’s Top High School Talent Has Gathered in Conshohocken For 64 Years.

Great basketball is as Philly as the cheesesteak, soft pretzels, and water ice.

Last week, we covered some of the best and most historic outdoor basketball locations in and around the metro Philadelphia region for the best warm-weather outdoor hoop experience.

This week, we highlight the Donofrio Classic — a source of some of the best high school basketball talent for sixty-four years

The original event was a three-day tournament meant to occupy some of the Philly region’s top high school talent between the end of the basketball season and the start of the baseball season. Having started with players from Conshohocken and St. Matthew’s High Schools, the tournament was originally founded by Fellowship House Director Albert C. Donofrio.

Over the years, as high school talent shined in the tournament and then took that talent to the college ranks and eventually the NBA — the basketball tournament rose to the top of those scheduled in Pennsylvania.

Through the years, from Pooh Richardson to Hank Gathers to Bo Kimble, all of whom became the focus of the tournament as they played in the NBA, Emerson Baynard, in 1962, scored 170 points in the tournament and 49 in the Championship Game.

Only one father/son team won MVP status in the tournament — Joe and Kobe Bryant.
And you might not just see popular players, either. Popping in the gym to scout a player might be Rick Pitino, Dean Smith, or John Calipari.
What you will see is some incredible basketball talent. This year’s tournament runs through April 16th.

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