Spring and Summer Bring Many Great Days at the Ballpark. Wednesday Was Not One of Those.

I can still remember my first time walking out of the tunnel and seeing the Phillies Game at Veteran’s Stadium.

Even at nine years old, on the drive down, my grandad had told me to savor the moment. The freshly prepared turf in the outfield. The sun glistened against the scoreboard.

Wednesday was not one of those days.

If you were fortunate enough to score tickets to Wednesday’s afternoon Phillies game (which went from an afternoon game to a late afternoon game and then to a night game), you invested as much time as going to a doubleheader.

The weather was a chief consideration for why the game did not start.

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The game (originally scheduled for 1:05 P.M.) was then moved to a 4:05 P.M. start and then began later than that. Dedicated fans sat in the stands covered with a pancho, trying to enjoy a beverage of varied alcoholic content and some comfort food from some of the terrific concession stands at Citizens Bank Park.

It turns out that good news was right around the corner. Thanks to the SubAir Sport System sensors — controlled near right field — Citizens Bank Park can actually measure excess moisture from the field. A partnership with Soil Scout allows Hydra Sensors to use a technology called Turfwatch.


After the game started, fans had little to cheer about as eight innings of baseball left the Phillies facing a 4–1 deficit.

The Phillies 9th inning rally also had another type of delay. One umpire thought that Reds pitcher Alexis Diaz had something on his arm. After a short delay, the game resumed.

The Phillies did not score another run.

It always could have been worse.

On Thursday, two fans were taken to the Hospital after being bitten by a raccoon while waiting in line for the rollercoaster at Hershey Park, nearly 100 miles away.

I could have been in that line.
It turns out I’ll take the rain delay any day.

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