The draft is approaching, and Philadelphia has a few different ways to approach this year’s draft.

There are obvious needs on the roster, and the Eagles have a philosophy that they usually stick to.

Predicting the draft class is almost impossible, but we can use previous years’ roster needs to try to narrow down what they might do.

Round 1

In the first round, I think the Eagles will disappoint everyone and pick an offensive lineman. The Birds value the position too much and will want to be ready for when Lane Johnson retires. The Eagles have drafted two players who were supposed to step in for Kelce when he retires, and they ended up playing on other spots on the line. Now that Kelce is gone, they will want to do the same with Lane Johnson.

This is a pretty good offensive tackle class, and the Eagles are known for their trench-building philosophy through the draft. It isn’t the cool, flashy pick that everyone wants, but I think the offensive line is the way they go.

Rounds 2 & 3

In rounds two and three, I think the Eagles will go with a mix of defensive back and linebacker. These are two huge positions of need, and the Eagles can’t risk having as bad of play from these positions as they did last year. The defensive back pick could be a mix of either safety or corner. We don’t know if CJGJ will play safety or the slot, so based on where the Eagles put him, they will probably pick the opposite position in the draft.

Defensive back is what everyone would love to see in the first round, but I don’t believe they will focus on that position until day 2. The need for a linebacker is obvious. The Eagles can’t run it back with the same guys they had last year. It is still to be seen how well NaKobe Dean can play, but for now, we still need an upgrade.

The draft is one of the most exciting parts of the NFL off-season, and there are less than two weeks to go.
The Eagles will have some interesting decisions to make when the time comes.

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