The draft has concluded, and the Birds have a new and improved secondary. Last year’s secondary was horrific, and the Eagles desperately needed changes.
With the new pieces in their defensive backfield, maybe they will make some stops next season!

The Eagles came away from the draft with two of the top cornerbacks.

Quinyon Mitchell

Quinyon Mitchell was someone I was hoping the Eagles would trade up to get, and they didn’t even have to! Grabbing Cooper DeJean in the 2nd round was probably the biggest steal of the draft. These two guys will come in and immediately impact the Eagles’ defense.

The Birds needed to get younger in their cornerback room.

James Bradberry is awful, and he could potentially be a post-June 1st cut for the Eagles. Quinyon Mitchell can compete to start opposite Darius Slay right away, and it will be fun to monitor his progress in this training camp.

Cooper DeJean

Cooper DeJean will be able to play all over the defense. It will be interesting to see where the Eagles put him to start and where he ends up as the season goes on. He is an incredible athlete, and he can make an impact on defense and special teams right away. The Eagles also brought back CJGJ, which will hopefully help them in the turnover department.

The Eagles only had nine interceptions last year, and in 2022, CJGJ had six interceptions himself. The defense was miserable to watch last year, but that could all change this year with the new weapons in the secondary.

Per Overthecap, the Eagles have $27,240,681 in cap space remaining for 2024. They could potentially add more pieces to the secondary with a trade or with remaining free agents.
Howie Roseman is never content, and the final roster for 2024 is far from set.


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