Super Bowl Hangover? The NFL has You Covered.
If you are lucky in your lifetime, you’ll see your NFL Team play in a Super Bowl. If you are fortunate, you’ll see them win it.

If you are nearly overcome with the emotions of the mere mention of that thought, Roger Goodell and the NFL are here to help. This week, Goodell floated the idea that eliminating one prepreseasonL game combined with an eighteen-week NFL regular season schedule would allow the Super Bowl to be scheduled on President’s week, thus creating a long holiday weekend for many.

In short, the NFL PrePreseasonhedule is in a ton of trouble.

Three NFL teams in the modern era haven’t yet been to a Super Bowl — The Jacksonville Jaguars, Detroit Lions, and Houston Texans. The Lions were one onside kick away from making the list only two.

It had been 25 years since the Eagles first played the Patriots in 2005 and lost 27–24 in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl XXXIX. I remember fearing that I’d never see it again. I was two years old when the Eagles played the Raiders in the Super Bowl in 1981. My Dad would forever describe that particular game as one that Philly should have won. The Eagles and Raiders played earlier in the year, right before Thanksgiving, and the Eagles narrowly won 10–7.

When I attended a Super Bowl Party in 2005, I remember the excitement early in the day, with one question looming.

Do you have to work tomorrow?


Already earlier in the week, Philadelphia and New England area businesses were taxed with workers trying to take the day off in the event that the euphoric feeling of a World Championship had overtaken your soul, making it nearly impossible to function at work the following day.

I still remember the excitement on my Dad’s face in 2018 when the Eagles won it all. I thought to myself, better enjoy this one, not sure it will happen again. And crap, I have to work tomorrow.
Dedicated in loving memory of my father Thomas J. Leibrandt — author, historian, Eagles fan, and a true Philadelphian.


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