The Eagles Aren’t Just Playing Internationally; They Are Looking for Talent Globally.

In the professional world, as in life, rules for success keep you focused. If you follow them and stay committed, success generally follows.

Since the Eagles became a Super Bowl contender again in the early 2000s, they’ve learned some important lessons that have kept them competitive for most seasons. One lesson, in particular, has helped to make them an international contender and the class of the NFC over the last twenty years.

Look everywhere.

Of course, that applies to trends. The Eagles look at new schemes that can help them in all areas of football. If it’s trending in high school, college, or an independent football league — you better believe that the Eagles are scouting it too.

Last offseason, the Eagles brought in international Scottish Rugby Coach Richie Gray.

The result was the patented “Tush Push,” which looked almost unstoppable for the first half of the Eagles’ 2023 season.

Searching under every rock across the globe for game plan improvements like Indiana Jones on an archeological dig for hidden relics isn’t the only thing that the Eagles are looking for. They are also looking for top talent.

In 2018, the Eagles surprised the entire NFL by taking Australian Rugby Player Jordan Mailata with the seventh-round 233rd selection in the 2018 NFL Draft. The 6 foot 8, 365-pound Mailata is now a starting tackle for the Eagles.

This week, the Eagles didn’t have to surrender a draft pick to pick up another rugby sensation when they signed offensive tackle and twenty-one-year-old, 6 foot 5, 318-pound Laekin Vakalahi, who has lived in New Zealand and Australia.

The Eagles may be just following history. 
The first Latino player to play in the NFL was back in 1927. His name was Saturnino “Lou” Molinet. He played for the Frankford Yellow Jackets.


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