Will Shipley Has Been Waiting to Burn Up the NFL
Gridiron All His Life. Now He’ll Do It In Philly.

Could the Eagles have a plan to let Saquon Barkley be a devastating force while ensuring that he stays healthy into January? Does the plan include not having him touch the ball 35 times per game?

You’d certainly think so with offensive weapons like DeVonta Smith, AJ Brown, Dallas Goedert, and Jalen Hurts.

Now, here is another reason.

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The Eagles selected Clemson running back Will Shipley on Saturday with the 127th pick in the fourth round of the 2024 NFL Draft. Shipley is intriguing not only for his production but also for the versatility he gives the Eagles’ running attack.

Ranked as the #2 running back prospect in the country by ESPN out of high school, Shipley has always been a specimen of all-around athletic excellence.

At Weddington High School, he rushed for almost 4,200 yards as a defensive back and running back. In the passing attack, he added another 1,184 receiving yards and a combined 80 scores. On defense, he added 43 solo tackles and two sacks. On the varsity lacrosse team, he played 38 games and added another 49 goals.

When it came time for a son of North Carolina to go to college, Clemson made all the sense in the world. The Tigers had been NCAA Champions in 2016 and 2018, after all. In three seasons, Shipley would rush for nearly 2,800 yards and 31 touchdowns. He would add another 602 yards receiving.

What Shipley gives the Eagles is versatility at running back that allows Barkley to rest. And a number #1 running game paired with the league’s best passing attacks means fewer extended plays for the quarterback.
This means Jalen Hurts stays healthy, too.


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