Las Vegas Is Betting On the Eagles As a Top Contender to Win the Super Bowl.
Should You?

It’s 116 days until the Eagles play the Packers in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and 74 days until they gather at the Novacare Complex for the start of Training Camp.

But who’s counting?

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In this case, finishing #3 isn’t actually so bad. Vegas ranks the Eagles as the best odds to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl 2025, behind the 49ers and Lions. So, a sizable bet now on the Eagles bringing home the Lombardi Trophy would result in an even more sizable payout in February 2025 if the Eagles actually win it all.

But before you get stuck in the valet line at Parx Casino, let’s examine why we should be increasingly confident that the Birds are a top contender this season without having to run to a Philadelphia Sportsbook.

Last weekend, the Eagles proved once again why they are a top-notch NFL organization by gaining an A-Draft Grade from ESPN and securing much-needed secondary talent like Cooper DeJean, under-the-radar ability from Jalyx Hunt, and a fourth-round steal in running back Will Shipley.

A flurry of free agency included Giants running back Saquon Barkley, defensive back C.J. Gardener-Johnson, linebacker Devin White, and Jets Defensive End Bryce Huff.

A new Eagles schedule was announced. The Eagles’ home games will be in Dallas, Washington, New York, Green Bay (Sao Paulo, Brazil), Carolina, Cleveland, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, and Jacksonville.

Their away games will be in Dallas, Washington, New York, Los Angeles, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Tampa Bay, and New Orleans.

All signs point to a dominant Eagles season in 2024–2025. They have all the tools they need: talent, coaching, and experience.
But don’t mortgage the house quite yet.


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