Number 0’s Value?
Sign Him, Don’t Process Him.

Tyrese Maxey Is the Best Thing That the 76ers Have Going.

When it comes to effort on the court, no one does it better than number 0. Tyrese Maxey has always given it his all. Perhaps he has never had to give more than during this season.

Last week, in Game 6 of the NBA Playoffs against the New York Knicks, the Sixers were down six with 28 seconds left. After making a four-point play, Maxey hit a three with 8.1 seconds left to lift the game into overtime. They would eventually win the game 112–106. Maxey finished with 46 points.

Tyrese had been here before.

In the 2018 Texas High School Basketball State Championship Game for Garland High School, Maxey scored 46 points but ultimately lost.

It was just over a decade ago—not long after the Jrue Holiday trade in 2013—that 76ers owner Sam Hincke stepped to the podium to coin the trademarked term “trust the process.”

Ever since the Philadelphia 76ers coined that iconic phrase, the “process” has been anything but “trustworthy.” Philadelphia’s other original basketball franchise (the Golden State Warriors) reached the NBA Finals six times since 2013 and won four championships, while the Cleveland Cavaliers went to four and won one.

With the Sixers now focused on off-season workouts and preparing for next year, Tyrese Maxey deserves better than to be part of a futuristic scheme.

Maxey is the best thing that the Sixers have going. Joel Embiid may still well be the Sixers’ best player, but his age, coupled with an array of health problems, is leaving fans wondering if he will ever be able to guide the team to a Championship. At age 23, Maxey is just coming into his prime.

Speaking of Prime, Maxey will be there shortly. An impressive 2023–2024 that saw him rank 11th in points and 20th in assists over the course of last season. With a slew of Embiid health issues this season and the Sixers on the bubble of making the playoffs, Maxey had to dig deeper to give even more.

The NBA’s Most Improved Player is a restricted free agent this year, but the Sixers can still match any offer. A new contract in Philadelphia needs to promise to build around him for the present rather than scheming for the future. The Sixers’ future is now.

Do us a favor, Sixers. Build around this kid; don’t look at him as a part of the “process.”

Every player is going through a process to develop in the NBA, but when it comes to Tyrese Maxey, he already has our trust.

He’s earned it.


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