The June 1 cutting spree is about to be upon us. Just one year after signing a three-year, $38 million contract, cornerback James Bradberry probably never thought he’d be in that conversation.
However, cutting him in June would give the Philadelphia Eagles some spare cap space in the future.

What are some pros and cons of forcibly getting him off the roster?

Is it time to part ways with Bradberry?

Pro: Cap Space

Obviously, cutting Bradberry saves cap space. In 2024, doing so actually wouldn’t save any money at all versus keeping him, putting his salary right back at $4.31 million per Over the Cap. In 2025, the Eagles would be losing extra money, with his cap hit being $10.8 million instead of $7.82 million. 2026, however, is where the real incentive begins; Philadelphia would go from owing him $21 million to not a single cent. In 2027 and beyond, they don’t owe him anything in either scenario.

The Eagles, with young players galore, fancy themselves as long-term contenders. Saving this much money is crucial. Instead of having 2026 be a cap-crunch season, GM Howie Roseman can explore some other options and try to continue Philadelphia’s Super Bowl window for as long as possible. Putting that into consideration, it seems like a no-brainer to make this move.

Con: Loss of Depth

Bradberry was not good for the Eagles in 2023, but he was relied upon since the Eagles didn’t have anyone to take his spot. Now that his usage and strength of opponents can be decreased since the Birds do have a little bit of depth, that could allow him to be pretty useful.

If an injury comes, Bradberry will be there. Even if he will be 31 years old when the season starts, one bad campaign doesn’t define his entire career. He was sensational with Philadelphia in 2022, so perhaps he can reach something comparable to those heights again if he is given one more chance.

Pro: Let the Youngsters Shine

As touched on a little bit, the Eagles have better depth in their cornerback room in 2024. Rookie corners Quinyon Mitchell and Cooper DeJean, both seen as first-round talents for the 2024 NFL Draft by scouts, could give the defense that edge they lacked in 2023.

Having Bradberry compete for snaps with Darius Slay would be somewhat complex. Getting Bradberry out of the picture would definitely allow others around him to step up. Even those further down the depth chart, like Isaiah Rodgers, might feast on the opportunity.

Unfortunately, the veteran seems too expensive to be utilized like this — limiting his opportunities will probably only hurt him.

Con: Loss of a Mentor

Being as experienced as Bradberry is, it might actually be good to have him around as a leader for both of the young corners they just drafted. While he wouldn’t intentionally be helping the Eagles replace him by mentoring them since he has a job to keep, the habits of a successful veteran player in the NFL like himself will draw some attention.

It’s not like Mitchell or DeJean will model their game after Bradberry, but they could learn a few things from him. Just coming out of college, they have a lot that they can improve upon. Building some NFL-level habits from a variety of experienced athletes on the team can only be a good thing.

More than any other major league in sports, the NFL does not forgive those who underperform. Bradberry, after having one of the seasons of his life in 2022 and being a hero for Philadelphia during their run to the Super Bowl, might just be gone.
Unfortunately, this might be for the best. Will he stay or go?

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