The $4.9 Billion Eagles Going International Seems Right.
But Is It Right for Brazil?

The Eagles are coming to a city near you (well, at least they are if you live in Sao Paulo, Brazil).

Relax. If you live in Philadelphia, you won’t have to travel far for the rest of the 2024–2025 home games.

Jeffrey Lurie’s nearly $4.9 Billion franchise is joining other NFL franchises to go global.

PHOTO: Philadelphia Eagles

As the NFL contemplates expanding into one of these foreign markets and with more teams playing on foreign soil, several other teams have secured international rights overseas. The Dolphins and Bears have rights secured in Spain. The Dolphins, along with the Eagles, have rights secured in Brazil. The Steelers have recently secured the same rights in Ireland.

It’s an exciting time like any great company going international after only doing business in America since 1920. But does excitement and opportunity make this right for Brazil and its people?

Undoubtedly, Brazil will reap the benefits of a tourism boost from the presence of the Eagles and Packers and hordes of their fans traveling to see the game. However, the NFL will profit from the broadcast, sale of official merchandise, and revenue from the game.

According to Ticketmaster, the average ticket left for the game is $339.30. It’s an expensive item for a county whose average monthly income is $750.00. Many of Brazil’s residents cannot afford to attend the game at Corinthians Arena.

And how about an effect on the fans back home?

PHOTO: Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles and Packers have a storied history. In fact, the 1960 NFL Championship Game the Day after Christmas was blacked out on TV around the Delaware Valley. Many of my relatives listened to it on the radio. This is appropriate considering that in an attempt not to compete with broadcasted high school games on Friday night, the 2024 Eagles/Packers matchup will only be available with a subscription streaming on NBC’s Peacock.

Sure, one could argue that if the world stage craves NFL football, then expansion isn’t just the right move for the NFL but rather a necessary one. Or that both Eagles and Packers should be afforded every opportunity to take advantage of a worldly presence that other NFL teams are benefitting from.

Although Sao Paulo is one of the largest cities in South America, is bringing NFL football there the right move for a powerhouse country like the US, whose revenue and budget are three times the size of Brazil?
Either way that is exactly what is happening in September 2024.

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