The Sixers have recently been named as “a threat” to sign LeBron James this offseason. It’s unlikely he will leave the Lakers unless it’s to play with his son.
Bronny James, likely a second-round pick, has been the talk of the NBA Draft because of who could come with him.

With the draft around the corner, the Sixers own the 16th and 41st picks.

Should the Sixers draft Bronny to lure LeBron to Philly in free agency?

Does Drafting Bronny Make Sense? 

Daryl Morey said that the Sixers will be star-hunting this offseason for someone to help Embiid and Maxey get past the second round. Morey is all about trying to trade for the best player out there to build the most talented team possible. But that hasn’t exactly worked out in his favor.

According to ESPN, he tried to bring James to the Rockets multiple times and even tried trading for him at last season’s trade deadline. If drafting Bronny James in the second round increases Morey’s chances to finally land LeBron, he most likely won’t hesitate to do it.

How Would LeBron Fit with the Sixers?

According to Brian Windhorst, very well, actually. He’d be another great mentor for Maxey, and his presence would help take some pressure off Embiid. Both of them also have great opportunities to lure LeBron here. Maxey shares the same agent as James, and Embiid is set to team up with him for the Olympics this summer.

Besides, where LeBron is, other players want to be. That along with his agent, Rich Paul, the Sixers could sign really good role players for lower prices that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to get.

The Sixers have a ton of cap space to sign him. He would likely cost less than Paul George or Jimmy Butler and, given their recent injury history, be more durable than them, too. Essentially, by signing him, they are replacing Tobias Harris with LeBron James. Sounds pretty good, right?

Don’t Get Hopes Up 

The chances of LeBron becoming a Sixer are low. If you don’t remember, back in 2018, LeBron considered (for like ten seconds) coming to Philly before ultimately signing with the Lakers.

While the ‘threat’ is there for the Sixers to sign him, Windhorst believes Los Angeles is where he wants to be. It seems very unlikely that James would leave the Lakers because if he wanted to, he would’ve done it by now.

Initially, LeBron said he would do whatever it takes to play with his son. However, that isn’t exactly the same message coming out of the James camp now. So, if drafting Bronny doesn’t guarantee LeBron follows, Morey should look at going in a different direction.

James also isn’t guaranteed to be a free agent this summer. He has to decline his player option for next season in order to make himself available. He’ll likely only do that if he is unable to reach an extension with the Lakers.

Paul George still seems like plan A for the Sixers’ front office, as landing LeBron is a long shot.
But whether it makes sense or not, Morey will try everything to get James interested in playing here, even if that means drafting his son.

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