For Receiver Johnny Wilson, He’s Got Plenty of Great Teachers in Philly.

Johnny Wilson is a receiver—a clutch pass-catcher.

Nope, he’s not interested in playing tight end or any other position on the field. In the words of Keyshawn Johnson, “Give him the damn ball.”

If you are looking to learn as a receiver in the NFL, there is perhaps no better receiver room than the Eagles. Every NFL Team covets that large, possession receiver. Third and eight, the ball is coming to him. The red zone opportunity provides a perfect jump ball scenario for a quick six.

When you are 6′ 6″ and 231 lbs with an 84.5-inch wingspan, you plan to succeed in the NFL. For Florida State’s Johnny Wilson, he’s always wanted to be a receiver.

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For nearly twenty years since Harold Carmichael left the City of Philadelphia, the Eagles struggled to maintain that presence. Finally, in 2004, TO joined Donovan McNabb and the team. The year he did, Philadelphia won the NFC and was a field goal shy of Tom Brady and the Patriots in the Super Bowl. Owens played that game with a broken leg and caught nine passes for 122 yards. The Patriots could still hardly cover him.

The Eagles currently have one of the best big-target possession receivers in the NFL, A.J. Brown. Since joining the Eagles in 2022, Brown has been a top receiver for the team and in the NFL. When it comes to being a dominant force in the NFL, it’s hard to imagine someone better than A.J. Brown to learn from for Wilson.

Six years ago — on the way to the Eagles Super Bowl victory — A.J. Brown’s mentor, franchise receiver, and former Eagle Julio Jones found himself in Philadelphia with the Falcons in the NFC Divisional Playoff Game with 1:04 left and a fourth and goal from the four yard-line. He wasn’t able to reel in the pass that day but joined the Eagles last season.

Every now and again, a discussion comes up about moving the big-bodied Wilson from a receiver to a tight end. 
Johnny Wilson, though, wants to be a wide receiver. He’ll do it right here in Philadelphia.


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