Things don’t seem to be getting easier after a lackluster start to the season for the Philadelphia Union.
The first domino toward a season-altering move is soon to fall; that, of course, was the inevitable departure of Julian Carranza.

The Union acquired Julian Carranza from Inter Miami on loan before the start of the 2022 season. Carranza never got a chance to shine with Miami.

Consequently, as Miami prepared to land Lionel Messi, the Union got Carranza for fairly cheap.

However, as fans would come to find out very quickly, the Union had a star on their hands. Union fans have been lucky to be able to see Caranza for as long as he has stayed.

Unfortunately, Carranza’s time with the Union appears to be just about over.

Europe is Where Carranza Belongs

Carranza has had his eyes on the big leagues for years now. He was expected to go this past offseason, but he did not have interest in the teams that came calling.

Now, Carranza is expected to be sold to Feyenoord of the Eredivisie league. While it isn’t a top UEFA Champions League club, it is a door opener to the bigger leagues of Europe. Simultaneously, it is a league where Carranza can get minutes and show off the skills Union fans got to see for the last 2 years.

It may not seem like it, but Carranza is only 24 years old. Now is the best time for him to make the move over to the bigger leagues and make a name for himself.

How Much Will the Union Get?

Now, with Carranza’s contract with the Union being in its final year, the Union will likely not get an astronomical amount of money for him. The Union either sells him in the summer, or he walks for free at the end of the season.

Simultaneously, Miami still has a sell-on for Carranza’s transfer. So, a percentage of the money the Union gets from Carranza will need to go back to Miami.

The Union should still get a few million dollars for Carranza. It’s just not the record-breaking money they could have gotten from Carranza if he was locked into a multi-year deal. Hopefully, it will still be enough money to fund his replacement. However, as all fans have seen, it is rare for the Union to spend big.

This Could Be the First Domino

It is no secret the Union are just not the team they were last year and during the 2022 MLS Cup run. The top talent has regressed, and the other teams in MLS have gotten way better. The Union currently sits 8th in the Eastern Conference.

If ownership committed to rebuilding the roster, transferring one of the best players would likely be the best time to pull the trigger. The Union do not need to sell everyone. However, the club needs to take a long look at the defensive backline and forwards as the team struggles to gain traction in the standings.

Carranza’s transfer could be a turning point for the Union, for better or for worse. They could use the influx of cash to invest in a proven star. Or do the usual Union thing. Pocket the money and tread water with a lackluster offensive attack.

No matter what, all eyes are on the Union’s move this summer.
If Julian Carranza’s time with the Union is almost over, the Union will need to take a long look in the mirror to find the best way to move forward.

PHOTO: Wes Shepherd/PHLSportsNation

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