Since LeSean McCoy did it in 2010, 2011, 2013, and 2014. It took the Eagles 8 years to have another 1,000-yard running back.
And they did it with two different backs in back-to-back seasons.

Once they got that 1,000-yard season from Miles Sanders, he was on his way to Carolina with a $25.4M/4-year contract. After Sanders’ departure, the Eagles were able to hit a home run in trading for D’Andre Swift, who put up 1,049 rushing yards in his single season with the Eagles before signing a $24.5/3-year deal in Chicago.

The Eagles have seen both of their last rushers leave the year after setting career highs. Now, the 7th(Swift) and 12th(Sanders) are the highest-paid running backs in the league. The Eagles decided to go a different route.

New Face in the Backfield

Back in March, the Eagles signed their new RB1 to a massive $37.5M/3-year deal.

The Eagles made a move for a running back that rivals the 49ers acquisition (and now extension) of Christian McCaffrey.

Now, the 6-year Giant makes his way to Philly as the 4th highest-paid running back. Soon to play behind what was the #1 ranked Offensive Line in 2023 (per PFF). While the question still remains of how well the Eagles’ offensive line may be in 2024 without Jason Kelce at Center. Even ProFootballNetwork had the Eagles still at the top spot in their offensive line rankings back in April.

The Giants’ Offensive Line Woes

While PFN listed the Giants as 23rd following the 1st round of the 2024 NFL Draft, PFF had them ranked dead last at 32nd following the 2023 season and 29th this time last year.

Even with some of the worst ranked OL’s in the league, that hasn’t stopped Saquon Barkley from putting up the following rushing stats

  • 2023 – 962 yards in 14 games
  • 2022 – 1,312 yards in 16 games
  • 2021 – 593 yards in 13 games

With these rushing numbers, Saquon was also putting up plenty of receiving yards, even with the following QBs behind those previously mentioned bottom of the league OL’s

  • 2023 – 280 Rec yards – Tommy DeVito(6) / Tyrod Taylor(5) / Daniel Jones(6)
  • 2022 – 338 Rec yards – Daniel Jones(16) / Davis Webb(1)
  • 2021 – 263 Rec yards – Daniel Jones(11) / Mike Glennon(4) / Jake Fromm(2)

Saquon’s Future

On a new team that already has some of the best talent in the league, Saquon will have plenty of opportunity over the next three seasons with the Eagles.

Finally, providing Jalen Hurts with a reliable receiving back under a new offensive coordinator, Kellen Moore, will give the Eagles another player capable of winning the Offensive Player of the Year award.

With training camp and pre-season just a few weeks away, how many yards do you think Saquon will put up in his first year with the Eagles?


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