In July 2024, Fans May Be Paying Another Price for True Philly Fandom.

If you are new to the Philly area, you may have heard that we’re a little—well—passionate about our sports teams.

Passion and devotion do have merits, however. Philly fans know not only their teams but the game itself. Eagles, Phillies, Flyers, and Sixers fans know a winner when they see one. We back good play like no one else in America and stay loyal when things are bad.

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On Tuesday, it was announced that Septa Transit Police will begin issuing court-backed tickets in July for alcohol consumption and public urination, among other offenses. Fines will range from $25–$150.

You won’t find another city in America with fans as intelligent as ours. (I’m a Philadelphian; that’s a fact, not an opinion.)

We also approach game day a little differently. Many of us don’t begin to fill up with internal antifreeze when the gates open or at halftime—oh no.

We’re partying in the Parking Lot and feeling no pain hours before kickoff (get ready, Sao Paulo, Brazil). If Lincoln Financial Field was open sooner than 4.5 hours before kickoff, we’d start weeks in advance.

After incidents in 1997 and 1998 — the Eagles had a court installed inside the Veteran’s Stadium, where unruly fans faced charges. In the last year of The Vets’ existence, approximately 300 fans were sentenced in Judge Seamus McCaffrey’s Court in Eagles Court.

If the possibility of being fined for taking a cold on Septa Regional Rail or tailgating for hours before the game doesn’t appeal to you, take heart.

You can still be a true Philadelphian…
Xfinity Live just expanded its outdoor bar.

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