The Eagles Are Going Places.
And We Just Don’t Mean to Brazil.

Have a little disposable income at your disposal in 2024? Looking for that investment opportunity? A house at the shore, a rental property, a timeshare?

How about a stake in the Philadelphia Eagles?

That’s right—according to a June report from Bloomberg News, Jeffrey Lurie is considering a minority sale of the Philadelphia Eagles to the value of $7.5 Million. He’s not selling the franchise, mind you—Lurie plans to keep that all in the family for the future, making the sale not a “controlling” stake. Jeffrey’s son Julian Lurie now has the title of Business and Football Operations Strategy with the team.

When entrepreneur Jeffrey Lurie borrowed $185 million in 1994 to acquire the Philadelphia Eagles, he couldn’t have possibly imagined just how large they would become. The franchise is now valued at approximately $585 Million.

It’s been 40 years since former Eagles owner Leonard Tose, frustrated and annoyed with what he perceived to be a lack of interest from the City of Philadelphia, which wasn’t moving fast enough to support new skyboxes in Veterans Stadium, attempted to negotiate a move of the Eagles to Phoenix in 1984.

So what would the 7.5 Billion, 11% minority stake in the Philadelphia Eagles actually mean? 
Very little, it seems. But hey — it still would be an awesome purchase.


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