A Collection of the Finest Young Talent Around, An Elite Coaching Staff, And Key Veterans Returning Mean A March Down Broad Street or Bust for The Eagles in 2025.

“You win, or you learn,” the now-famous Jalen Hurts quote from a post-Super Bowl presser right after The Eagle’s heartbreaking loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LVII.

This year, it better be winning.

After all — what a difference a year makes.

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No one doubted the promise of these Philadelphia Eagles when that unfortunate yellow piece of laundry was hurled onto the field in the last 2 minutes of the Super Bowl like a medium surf warning flag amid a steady wind gust on a sun-soaked summer afternoon at any Jersey Shore point, did they?

And besides — the Eagles have learned plenty in the last four years. During the first worldwide pandemic since 1918, they occupied themselves with the drama of releasing the first Coach to win a Championship since 1960 and an elite D3 quarterback who was focused on — well-mainly himself.

And what is the perfect way to aggravate your elite D3 Quarterback after paying him a $128 Million extension? Just draft Jalen Hurts.

Coming into 2023–2024, it seemed that the only way to stop the pile-driving-dump-truck-pile-driving-tush-pushing-eagles was for them to stop themselves.

And that is precisely what happened. 

The Eagles slid in the season’s second half, reminiscent of the 1964 Phillies collapse. Unlike the 1964 Phillies, however, the Eagles made the playoffs last year. They just didn’t make the flight to the game. A season that ended with a dismal performance in Tampa Bay with a close-up silhouette of Jason Kelce in tears on the sideline.

The core of the Eagles elite offense is back with Jalen Hurts once again at the helm and key weapons now locked up with long-term contracts coupled with a franchise running back in Saquon Barkley.

Vic Fangio has been brought in to improve the defense, and Kellen Moore has been brought in to get the offense back on track.

And another May that has seen the Eagles score one of the best Draft Classes in franchise history with two future starting cornerbacks in Quinyon Mitchell and Cooper DeJean, an additional offensive weapon in Will Shipley, a Defensive Line steal in Jalyx Hunt, and a superstar All-American linebacker Jeremiah Trotter Jr., who was spawn from the loins of the original Ax Man.

Like every NFL Team, the 2024–2025 Philadelphia Eagles will look much different than the 2023–2024 squad. 
With all of the added talent, roster moves, and investment — they better be.


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