Like July of 1776, Philadelphia Is Positioning Itself To Make History Once Again.

Two Hundred and Forty-eight years ago — during a sweltering summer July in Philadelphia — our nation was born thanks to the brave leadership of 56 founding fathers. For seventeen days in June — Thomas Jefferson — worked each day out of a house that he had taken up residence in at 700 Market Street and poured for seventeen days on the first draft of what would become the Declaration of Independence. Occasionally, he wandered into Philadelphia’s taverns, sipped ale, touched pen to hallowed parchment, and inked a rough draft of those words that have become lore in America.

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When the final version was ratified at Independence Hall (Pennsylvania State House), it was read aloud in multiple US cities, including Philadelphia. By the time the official document was signed on August 2nd, word of America’s independence had spread across the colonies.

Just like the bold vision of Thomas Jefferson and our founding fathers, our sports teams are signing crucial documents as well here in Philly.

Philadelphia 76ers

This week, it was the Sixers who invested nearly half a billion dollars at the chance to support Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey with their quest for an NBA Title in 2024–2025 by adding veteran forward Paul George to a four-year, $212 Million max contract.

The team also gave Tyrese Maxey a five-year, $204 million extension, along with Kelly Oubre Jr. (2 years, $16 Million), Andre Drummond (2 years, $10 Million), and Eric Gordon (1 year, $3.3 Million). The Sixers also drafted Adem Bona out of UCLA and Jared McClain out of Duke.

Philadelphia Eagles

Across the Philadelphia Sports Complex Parking Lot, Lincoln Financial Field is the site of the enthusiasm for another Eagles season, with Training Camp opening in three weeks. The Eagles have had a busy off-season with free-agent signings and another stellar draft.

Two contract extensions for Devonta Smith (3-year, $75 Million) and AJ Brown (3-year, $96 Million) and the signing of All-Pro and former Penn State running back Saquon Barkley (3-year, $37.75 Million) have already placed the Eagles as an 18–1 favorites to win a Lombardi in 2025.

The Eagles signed former Jets linebacker Bryce Huff to a three-year, $51.1 million deal. The undrafted free agent out of Memphis in 2020, as well as former Wisconsin star Zach Baun from the Saints, former 49ers linebacker Oren Burks, and safety CJ Gardner-Johnson, also returned to the team. Offensive lineman Matt Hennessy was also signed by Philly.

The Eagles also earned one of the best grades in the NFL at the Draft by adding key talent, with all draft picks now signed as of June 6th. In the first round, they drafted Toledo cornerback Quinyon Mitchell. In the second round, they added another defensive back, Cooper DeJean. In the third round, they drafted Jalyx Hunt, an outside linebacker from Houston Christian. In the fourth round, they drafted Will Shipley from Clemson. In the fifth round, the Eagles added wide receiver Ainais Smith from Texas A&M, Jeremiah Trotter, Jr. from Clemson, and Guard Trevor Keegan from Michigan. Philadelphia’s draft selections ended in the sixth round, with wide receiver Johnny Wilson from Florida State and Guard/Center Dylan McMahon from NC State.

Philadelphia Flyers

The Flyers have made waves by signing 19-year-old Matvei Michkov to a multi-year deal with an annual cap hit of about $950,000.00.

They also re-signed Bobby Brink to a two-year, $3 Million Contract. With the thirteenth overall pick in the 2024 NHL Draft, they selected center Jett Luchanko.

Philadelphia Phillies

And who can forget our NL East-leading Philadelphia Phillies, carrying a 141-year franchise record for payroll in 2024 of $262 Million, including a cap hit of part of the 13-year, $330 million contract of Bryce Harper? In March, Zach Wheeler and the Phillies announced an MLB-record contract extension, a three-year, $126 million deal. The deal won’t kick in until the start of 2025 — but when it does — Wheeler’s $42 million salary will represent the largest extension in MLB history by annual average.

Jubilant citizens cheered the public reading of the Declaration of Independence in 1776 with the decision of brave Americans inspired by Philadelphians like Benjamin Franklin to cast off the yoke of British control and tyranny imposed by King George III’s government. The cheers emanating from the South Philadelphia Sports Complex by the thousands represent the potential and expectations of the City’s four major sports franchises in 2024 and beyond.

It’s an excitement in Philadelphia as old as 1776.


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