The Philadelphia Eagles Hall of Fame is an exclusive place where only the best of the best can find their names. Which current players might find themselves there, as well?

Shoo-in: Lane Johnson, Brandon Graham


Both of the players here have had incredibly long and successful careers with Philadelphia, essentially making them locks for the team’s Hall of Fame. These are two different cases, so let’s take a look.

Lane Johnson is one of the most accomplished Eagles ever, being one of the best players on the Eagles’ Super Bowl roster in 2017, plus being a five-time Pro Bowler and a two-time first-team All-Pro. He has played in 143 regular season games with the Birds from 2013 to the present, so he has seen a lot in his tenure.

Speaking of a player who has seen a lot, we get to Brandon Graham. It took him a while to spread his wings and fly, but he was one of the best Eagles at his peak—he was a key figure on the Super Bowl team and several elite defenses. Making perhaps the biggest play in team history, putting up 73 sacks in 195 games, plus receiving a Pro Bowl nod in 2020, there’s just no way that Philadelphia can leave him out.

More Likely Than Not: Jake Elliott

Jake Elliott has been at it long enough to deserve to be in the “shoo-in” territory here, but he has been an Eagle for about half the time as Johnson and Graham. Still, that doesn’t mean he is any less incredible. Yes, he is a kicker, but he has consistently been a great one.

Elliott has flourished in the clutch, which is an area where many other kickers falter. He was terrific in 2017, and from there he has really only gotten better. Over these past few seasons, he has gotten a Pro Bowl nod and been a second-team All-Pro. One of the NFL’s most accurate kickers from 2021-2023, he has seemingly already done enough to join David Akers in the Eagles Hall of Fame.

Maybe/Too Early to Tell: Jalen Hurts, DeVonta Smith, A.J. Brown, Jordan Mailata, Landon Dickerson, Jalen Carter, Rick Lovato

This is the territory where we get the most subjective. They won’t all get in, but all of these seven players at least deserve a mention.

Jalen Hurts’ case is pretty obvious. He has only completed three seasons as the Eagles’ starting quarterback thus far, but his time in Philadelphia over just the last two seasons has been sensational. He finished second in MVP voting in 2022 and was the favorite at some points during 2023, so the potential is there. The 25-year-old still has a lot to show before he can be put in the Eagles Hall of Fame with players like Randall Cunningham and Donovan McNabb, but there is definitely a world where it happens.

DeVonta Smith has even more to prove than Hurts does, but we shouldn’t put it past him to be among the Eagles’ greats. Averaging over 1,000 receiving yards across his first three seasons in the NFL, the 25-year-old is clearly pretty special. He has a ton of talent and is a big reason why Philadelphia made it to the Super Bowl in 2022, so he has that going for him. If he can win a championship or have a long tenure with the Eagles, that would be his ticket to eternal glory.

A.J. Brown is our first player here to not be drafted by the Eagles, but he is freshly 27 years of age and has put up two of the best receiving seasons in the history of the team. From 2022-2023, he has an incredible 2,952 yards and 18 touchdowns on 194 receptions. If he can keep that up for a few more years, it would be an inevitability for him to make the team Hall of Fame.

Jordan Mailata is an interesting case because he doesn’t have any accolades on his resume, but it is clear from both the eye test and the advanced stats test that he is sensational. The 27-year-old tackle is lovable and genuinely really good at what he does. He would probably need a Super Bowl win and perhaps some individual accolades to make an Eagles Hall of Fame nod happen, but it’s not like either of those are unrealistic.

Landon Dickerson is in a similar boat, but he has two Pro Bowl nods through just three seasons in the league. The Eagles projecting to be a great team both now and in the future should do wonders for his Hall of Fame case—a championship could set him over the top.

Jalen Carter, while just a sophomore in the NFL, lived up to his draft hype in his rookie campaign. Finishing second in Defensive Rookie of the Year voting in 2023, greatness could be in his future. We shouldn’t get too ahead of ourselves, but there is obvious potential here.

Rick Lovato probably deserves to be considered, but he is also a long-snapper. He has played in 118 regular season games with the Eagles, has a Super Bowl championship to his name, and made the Pro Bowl in 2019. Perhaps it’s a stretch considering the position, but maybe it’s time to give a long snapper some love. Really, there is not much else he could have accomplished at this stage, so he deserves a mention.

Seeing as the Eagles have 10 different players on their current roster who could potentially make it to the team Hall of Fame (and perhaps a few more), there’s a lot of greatness in their group. Some of them are bigger stretches than others, but there is still an immense level of talent in their 2024 roster. Can they put it all together?


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