Finally we’ll wrap these expectations up with the 5 games remaining against AFC opponents. If you missed The Division predictions or the rest of the NFC, they can found here(NFC), as well as here(NFCE). Predicting the Eagles to hopefully be sitting around 7-5 with these 5 games left in the season. Will they be fighting for another wild card spot? Or will they be neck and neck heading into the final weeks to compete for the NFC East?

The matchups against members of the AFC in the 2022 season are against the following teams:

  • AFC South
    • Jacksonville Jaguars
    • Indianapolis Colts
    • Houston Texans
    • Tennessee Titans
  • 2nd Place AFC North
    • Pittsburgh Steelers


AFC South

Jacksonville Jaguars

Last Played: 2018 Season, W24-18

This game wasn’t even played in North America. Being the last time the Eagles flew overseas to play in Wembley Stadium. Both of these teams had completely different rosters, with Wentz & Bortles at the helms. Bad news about this game is Eagles Super Bowl Champion ex-head coach Doug Pederson is back in the league and has now taken over to replace what was the disastrous attempt of Urban Meyer becoming an NFL head coach.

Now the Jaguars have some heavy room for improvement next year. With the 1st overall pick in the upcoming 2022 draft, and over $56 million in cap space, the Jaguars could look to make some moves in the off-season that might be able to bring them to a fighting stance amongst the AFC South.


If the Eagles continue being a run dominant team in 2022, this game should be quite fun to watch. The Jaguars gave up 2127 yards on the ground ranking 23rd across the league with an average of 4.3 YPC. Look out for a great home game at the Linc when Doug Pederson returns to Philly.


Indianapolis Colts

Last Played: 2018 Season, W20-16

Nobody thought Carson Wentz and Andrew Luck wouldn’t have been on their respective teams after this 2018 matchup. But with the Eagles collapse during the 2020 season and Andrew Luck’s unforeseen retirement during the preseason of 2019, both of these teams took a spin through the blender.

Now with Carson Wentz ‘maybe’ still at the helm of the Colts in the upcoming season. Things look very concerning for the Colts. After a late season collapse that had the Colts fall out of playoff spot, the Colts haven’t really addressed whether the Ex-Eagle QB1 will continue being their starter. Luckily Wentz was able to stay healthy enough during the 2021 Season to reward the Eagles with the Colts 1st round pick. 16th overall could have come in handy if the Colts were looking for a potential replacement.



This all depends what team we’re up against. The Carson Wentz of years past that he’s shown flashes of on the Colts with 2021 Rushing Leader Jonathan Taylor who put up 1811 yards last year? The Eagles might be able to come out on top of this one, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Colts are able to work some magic against Wentz’s old team.

Houston Texans

Last Played: 2018 Season, W32-30

This was a nail-biter of a game. the numerous rough hits from Jadeveon Clowney that could have ended Nick Foles season and left the Eagles with Nate Sudfeld to finish off the game. A combined 810 yards between Foles & Watson. However, times have changed. DeShaun Watson did not dress the entirety of the 2021 season as Sexual Assault allegations are still in full swing. Rumors continue to move around the league that he’ll be traded for several 1st round picks. DeAndre Hopkins was dealt to the Cardinals in what was Bill O’Brien’s final laughable year as Texans Head Coach and General Manager. To make matters worse the Texans also fired David Culley after his first year with the team.

The Texans hold the 3rd overall pick in the upcoming draft, with roughly $17 million in cap space. Will that be enough to change a team around Davis Mills in his 2nd year? Or are the Texans going to shut down the rumors and dress DeShaun Watson in the 2022 season?



The Texans have been on an insane decline ever since they blew that 24-0 Lead in the 2nd quarter of the Divisional Round. I’m not expecting them to compete next year for anything as the AFC continues to become stronger. Birds by a million down in Houston.


Tennessee Titans

Last Played: 2018 Season, OTL26-23

What a frustrating game to watch. You’d think the Eagles were going march into Tennessee and win this game. Mariota’s last full season playing for the Titans, still coming off the Super Bowl high and the Eagles played well below expectations. Letting the Titans march down converting not one, not two, but THREE fourth downs that were 15, 4 and 2 yards long. Not to mention also converting a 3rd&19 into that final 4th&2.

The Titans have been a very confusing team in recent years. Derrick Henry can put up over 150 yards and yet either the Defence or Tannehill will find a way for them to lose a game. The former #1 seed in the AFC lost to the unexpected Bengals this year. Do the Titans have another 12-5 season in them?



This game will depend on the coaching. If Sirianni and Gannon are able to out coach Mike Vrabel & Shane Bowen. The Birds will be able to win another home victory that could impact playoff seeding in case of a tiebreaker amongst the NFC. Sadly after Gannon’s 2021 performances, having to shutdown Julio Jones, A.J. Brown & Derrick Henry might not be possible to do all at once.


2nd Place AFC North

Pittsburgh Steelers

Last Played: 2020 Season, L38-29

Thankfully, we don’t have to watch Nate Gerry cover Chase Claypool anymore. Because having your slowest Linebacker covering a Rookie Claypool who already had 2 touchdowns was the right move during what could have been a game-changing drive of the game. The Eagles could have had another win during this poor season and the Steelers wouldn’t have gone on to be the most fraudulent 11-0 team ever. The Steelers continued to look like a very uncertain team in 2021. Finishing the season at 9-7-1 and sneaking in to the playoffs just to get blown out by the Chiefs might not have been a good idea. With Ben Roethlisberger retiring after the Divisional Round loss and sitting at 20th overall in the 2022 draft. Will the Steelers go back to Mason Rudolph for a season? Or will Dwayne Haskins be given another opportunity to become a starter in the NFL?



This might be a game the eagles HAVE to win. The Steelers defence can be terrorizing, but with a questionable offence that was quite hit or miss, they could look to capitalize on that. This game could hold some playoff tiebreaker implications as well, if the Eagles aren’t able to top the Steelers. It might be trouble if teams such as the Saints or Buccaneers are able to come out on top of those competitions. Luckily this game is at the Linc and not back at Heinz. So I’ll take one order of an Eagles Victory.



There you have it. Before the draft and off-season moves officially begin in the coming weeks. Is predicting the Philadelphia Eagles to finish the season at 11-6 too much to ask for after the previous 9-8 season? The Eagles have over 10 draft picks in the upcoming draft and cap space to spend, so there isn’t much reason for this team to be taking any steps back from last year.


Go Birds!

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