The Philadelphia Eagles and New Orleans Saints have swapped a whole bunch of draft picks. The picks are scattered across the 2022 and 2023 NFL drafts. This is looking like a huge win for the Birds, even before any players have been drafted. The enigma of Howie Roseman continues. A man who is continually ridiculed for making awful draft picks is often praised for his savviness and ability to win trades. This has always been the good and bad with Howie. At least for now, we can focus on the good.

A Breakdown

Eagles receive: No. 18, No. 101, No. 237; 2023 first and second round pick

Saints receive: No. 16, No. 19, No. 194 (all this year’s draft)

Eagles 2022 NFL Draft:
Round 1: 15, 18
Round 2: 51
Round 3: 83, 101
Round 4: 124
Round 5: 154, 162, 166
Round 6: none
Round 7: 237

Positives of the Trade

This trade was possible because Howie already had this team in an excellent spot for the 2022 NFL draft. He was able to secure two first round picks through trades last off-season. This was a great trade because the Eagles keep two first round picks while adding one selection in next year’s draft. They also kept their highest pick. Keeping the 15th pick could be helpful if a player drops or the Eagles try to trade up. That pick has the most value out of all their picks, and Howie was able to keep it – a nice little bonus of the deal.

Also, the Eagles received additional picks for giving up those firsts to New Orleans. As a result, the Eagles were able to add a third and seventh round pick in this year’s draft and two future picks while only throwing in a sixth round pick (No. 194).

Further, the Eagles can use those additional picks to move up. With two third round picks, they could potentially use one of those thirds packaged with fifth to move up. I do not see the Eagles using all three of their 5th round picks.

The Future is Bright

My previous article went over the different options the Eagles have for their picks. Howie decided to invest and was able to give the Eagles two first round picks next year. Their intentions with these picks have been well documented. This trade sets up the Eagles to make a play for a QB or continue building around Hurts.

This team still has a lot of issues to fix before they are Super Bowl contenders. The Eagles are simply not contenders this upcoming season, but they are increasing the odds of a better future by increasing draft depth.

I like the idea of two first round picks in each draft instead of three this year. It would have been a lot to get three first round picks acclimated to the NFL. With three firsts also comes higher salaries. This deal could give the Eagles more flexibility in the remaining FA market or a trade down the line. Also the trade gives the front office time to continue their evaluation of the team and make the right moves to improve the squad in the future.

Lastly, the Eagles rebuild is ahead of schedule. They were supposed to be one of the bottom-feeders of the NFL. Instead, they made the playoffs with a first year quarterback and head coach. They still have a lot of ammo in this draft and made improvements this off-season. We all have our gripes with Howie, but he knocked this out of the park.

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