OTA’s are underway, and the Eagles have few wholes remaining on their roster. The biggest hole they have is in the safety position. The loss of CJGJ left the Eagles with a lot of young and inexperienced players.

With the lack of star power the Eagles have at safety, should they try to acquire another one?

It is no surprise that the Eagles have a hole at safety. Not every position can be filled with superstars and pro bowlers. The Birds are fairly young at safety. They currently have Terrell Edmunds, K’Von Wallace, Sydney Brown, Reed Blankenship, and Justin Evans. The average age of their safety room is 25 years old. None of the safeties on the roster have been full-time starters except Terrell Edmunds.

If the Eagles stick with the guys they have now, then they will have to rely on a relentless pass rush and good corner play. We will have to prepare for a group that will make some mistakes, and we will need to be patient. The other option for the Eagles is to sign another safety or to trade for one like they did last year.

Some veteran free agents that the Eagles can still sign include John Johnson III, Adrian Amos, Devin McCourty, LaMarcus Joyner, and more. Signing a rotational guy that can teach and help the young safeties seems like a smart thing for the Eagles to do.

The Eagles aren’t in the worst shape regarding safeties, but adding another one would help out the team in a big way.

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